Oh No! It’s an earthquake!

Year 3 have started their D and T projects. We have to design a house that would still stand up in an earthquake. We used pasta and marshmallows to design our first house and it was not surprising that they all fell!

Rocking Geology!

Year 3 have taken part in their first science lesson since coming back. We have looked at different types of rocks and how they are formed. We even looked at different ways to group them by testing their hardness!

Virtual Library!

Have you been missing our school library? Do you want to discover a new author and dive into a new book? Then I have the answer for you! Oak National Academy have created a virtual library, which is free for everyone! Every week a popular children’s author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.

So far there has been Jacqueline Wilson, Nizrana Farook and Sally Gardner!

Check it out by clicking on the link here:  https://library.thenational.academy

Boom in children's library book borrowing in Surrey | Surrey News

Wellbeing Day 2021

It was so lovely to see and speak to all of you yesterday and I hope you all loved our Wellbeing Day! Here is a small selection of some of the work that we created!

Volcano Artwork

This week, Year 3 have had the chance to create some artwork based on volcanoes!

We have had children using shading and collagen to create their images. Keep your eyes peeled: you may even spot a dinosaur!